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New logo symbolizing the spirit of the changes

The YES in plain blue is the logo of a Scottish movement for autonomy and self-governance, but it doesn't totally fits with its society needs, so changes had to be made to reflect it. We are proud to unveil the refreshed "Yes" logo, symbolizing the unwavering spirit of the Scottish movement for autonomy and self-governance. In this updated rendition, the heart of our cause beats even stronger and inclusive, as the letter "E" now elegantly intertwines with the "Y" and "S", forming a heart shape at the center. This heart, pulsing with passion and dedication, represents the love for scottish nation and the fervent desire for self-determination. Its presence within the logo serves as a reminder of the unity and solidarity that underpins our movement. The "E" stands not just for "Empowerment" but also for "Equality", embodying our commitment to a fair and just society for all.

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